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Bill sings

The Dance of Mathematics Song and lyrics by Bill.

Dance of Mathematics Video sound track


Dance of Math Documentary 6:45
movie title Vimeo

Other Clips from Akaroa
Mathematicians out there 30sec (avi divx 414K)
Klein Bottle 30 sec (avi divx 430K)
Grape Vine Twist 3:37 (avi divx 3MB)

Other Clips from Sefton
Chris on Maths Lagerphone 2:40 (avi divx 946K)

Campbell Live TV
Video clips from broadcast 1:43 (1.6 MB avi divx),

Aussies Math Dancing
Square dancing = math! 1:07 (10.3 MB avi divx)
Low Res Short Version 0:30 (1.5 MB avi divx)
Slow Motion Square Dance Knot 0:26 (690 KB avi divx),

John Conway's Tangle Dance at Rangi Ruru Math Camp
"Knotted" 0:12 (724KB avi divx)
"Undancing ttt" 0:35 (2 MB avi divx)