Sefton Roundup

Huge Turnout from the Sefton Community!

Over 200 people ranging in age from about 6 to 80 joined in the dance of mathematics activities. On the Thursday night, the Sefton Community hall rang to the playing of Celtic Fare: Stu (accordion), George (whistles, saw and harmonica) and Chris (lagerphone). Bill stepped everyone through their paces. The dancing was easy and fun, and everyone had a great time!
The hall looked great with all the maths posters. The maths was very low key during the dance, mainly introducing the mathematicians on the dance floor, and describing the next day's plans.
The dance was a real community affair and at the dance Sonja and Ingrid Teague were presented with their well earned gold Duke of Edinburgh's awards.

On Friday morning about 60 people attended (including some homeschoolers and their parents). Chris Hann, a doctor of mathematics, told us how wanting to watch TV got him started with maths. He showed us how he's become a mathematical doctor and how his maths helps cure people. He ended his presentation with a fantastic lagerphone solo showing the rhythms of mathematics. AVI clip 946 KB

After morning break, Bill and Tim worked with smaller groups. People did well helping Bill find the answers to some puzzling area questions. Tim showed you some the maths behind computers, and it was great to see how many figured out the magic trick with the black and white squares.

Thank you to those who came to our events. This was the most successful dance of mathematics. Such large percentage of the community came along and really got into it. A special thanks to Cathy and Sally for their help. Bill is keen to come back and do some more!

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